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Dochiariou Monastery


The monastery of Dochiariou stands in the southwest of Mt. Athos, by the seaside.  Saint Euthymius, the disciple of St Athanasius the Athonite, founded it in the 10th century.

"Docheiariou" means cellarer, as this was Euthymius's occupation while living in St. Athanasius's Lavra monastery. Legend has it that there were insufficient funds for the monastery's completion. However, the merciful Our Lady explained how to find the funds to a boy, who was the monastery's novice at the time. He was shown to a location in the metocha (monastery's property) where a hidden treasure was buried.  The metocha was situated on the Longos island, across Athos.  The two flabbergasted monks accompanying the boy, decided to throwing him into the sea with a rock around his neck, so that they could claim the treasure for themselves.  St. Michael and the boy's guardian angel came to his assistance and transported him to Dochiariou monastery.  The conspiracy was uncovered and the treasure used for its intended purpose.  Following the miraculous event, the monastery became dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. The monastery flourished soon after, but was damaged during Saracens' invasions and neglected subsequently. 

In 1578, the Wallachian ruler Alexander reconstructed the monastery.
The 16th century catholicon is devoted to the Saint Archangels, celebrated on November 21, according to the Gregorian calendar.  The monastery is encircled with high towered walls, which hold cells on top. 

The frescoes of Dochiariou monastery show the greatest variety on all Mt. Athos.
The Cretan style is the most prevalent.

Among the monastery's treasures is the wonder-working Our Lady fresco known as Gorgoipikoos.
The following legend is tied to it.  In 1664, Our Lady ordered Nilus, the monastery's cupbearer, not to pass by her icon holding a torch, so as not to damage it with smoke.  As he did not yield to her orders, he suddenly went blind.  All the monastery's brethren prayed fervently to Our Lady for Nilus's sight back.  She decided to answer their prayers. 
From that moment on, one monk takes exclusive care about the wonder-working icon. Dochiariuo's dining room is considered one of the largest on Mt. Athos, with the length of 27 meters.

The monastery possesses the relics of the following saints: St. Charalampus, Meas the Martyr, John Chrysostome, St. Nilus, St. Peter the Athonite, Achiles, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, James Intercisus, John the Merciful. 

 There are 10 chapels existing besides the catholicon. 

The monastery's library contains old manuscripts and books. 

The Agiasma spring of the Archangles is located in the monastery's vicinity.

Today, Dochiariou monastery is ranked 10th in the Mt. Athos hierarchy, with approximately 40 monks occupying it.

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