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The Karakallou Monastery

The monastery of Karakallou is situated on the northeast of Mount Athos among dense orchards. For fear of pirates, it was built as far away from the coast.  Half an hour walk away from the coast and the nearby Iveron.  The word "karakallou" may refer to Turkish for "black tower", but also to the name of the Roman emperor Caracalla. It is more certain that its name was derived from - Karakallos, a frequent Greek surname which the founding monk most likely had.

In the time of Crusades, Saracens' rampages and pirate raids, Karakallou and many other Mt. Athos monasteries were raided and demolished.

Karakallou monks joined the liberation war against the Turks.

In the 16th century, the monastery was restored by Peter, the Prince of Wallachia, who later joined the monks' brotherhood under the name of Pachomius.  

The monastery is of a typical quadrilateral shape, with high walls on top of which are cells.  A wonderful tower is situated on the western side.

The catholicon, built in the 16th century, is dedicated to apostles Peter and Paul. The holiday is celebrated on July 12th, according to the Gregorian calender.  The temple has a traditionally constructed ceiling, with a four-pillared dome. It has a cross-like shape and includes a porch and a pars aperta, on top of which is a bell tower.   The temple was restored in the 18th century and a biography dating from that period has been preserved.  Besides the catholicon, the monastery includes five chapels.

The monastery holds the following treasures: a fragment of the True Cross and relics of several saints: apostle Bartholomew, great martyr Mercurius, Theodore Tyro, John the Merciful, John the Baptist, St. Charalampus, the Holy Martyr Orestes and Averkije. 

The library contains ancient books and manuscripts.

Today, the monastery is ranked 11th in the Mt. Athos hierarchy and is inhabited by around 30 monks. 


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